About Us

CSE-Crescendo is Italy’s first strategy consulting company to exploit the accomplishments of complexity sciences, particularly in the use of “languages” such as autopoiesis, meta-structures and quantum mechanics. CSE-Crescendo’s contribution has consisted, in particular, of the direct or joint activation of research projects based on ground-breaking methods and method systems.

CSE-Crescendo’s activities are constituted by two main business kernels concerning the design and implementation of complex-organisation development: from industrial enterprises to financial institutions and from districts to local, national and international institutions. In order to design development one must first carry out strategic assessment and entrepreneurial redesigning tasks; in other words, organisation schemes must change and personal development must be achieved.

Implementing development means performing M&A operations and tasks related to debt restructuring, intelligent disengagement, temporary management and management sharing. It means putting top-tier skills to use through the five specialised firms that form Crescendo Group and through the network of managers on the Crescendo team.