The Partners

The Partners

The Crescendo Board

Cesare Sacerdoti
Cesare Sacerdoti holds a degree in mechanical engineering. He began building up his professional experience at INNSE, a leading plant-engineering firm in Italy, where he was also able to gain considerable knowledge of the Chinese market. Cesare Sacerdoti can also boast solid experience in the general management of middle-sized enterprises, both private (BTS and Logitron) and belonging to international groups (IMS-Caradon); he has also been involved in the start-up of a new e-marketing business (ISIM) and has taken part in important Italian capital ventures. After three years’ experience in a successful consulting firm, where he was also in charge of internationalising the Singapore Law Society, he founded CSE-Crescendo.

Francesco Zanotti

A physics graduate, in the Seventies Francesco Zanotti dealt in professional training, first as a teacher and then as a manager at Fondazione Clerici. In the Eighties he undertook strategic and organisational consulting for Studio Ambrosetti and Hey Group, building up enough experience to engage in partnerships and in the founding of consulting firms such as Phonema and Stagira, where he worked in the fields of Strategy, Business Finance and Stakeholder Management catering to businesses and institutions of all types and dimensions. He has developed new assessment and strategic designing methods; he manages and promotes business projects for individual and collective companies.

Rinaldo Orlandi

Rinaldo Orlandi graduated in electro-technical engineering and studied business management in the UK and in America. He has covered increasingly important positions at Gruppo Pirelli (electrical cables), having worked as vice-president and general manager (in the US and UK subsidiaries) and corporate manager. He has headed company-branch repositioning, hiving-off and merging activities. Since 1994 he has been board member and/or management consultant for several public and private companies including ATM (Milan), RAI (Rome), Consiel (Milan), F.lli Marzoli (Brescia), RWE (Milan); Cestec (Milan), CCIAA (Brescia) and Datasiel (Genoa), with frequent missions throughout Europe and to the Far East.

Angelo Giorgetti

Angelo Giorgetti holds a degree in physics and was professionally trained in the fields of research, development and production in leading international high-tech industries such as ST Microelectronics and Honeywell. He has built up an extensive management career in executive and board positions, where he has achieved important results in product and market development; he can also boast considerable direct international merger-acquisition experience. He has been R&D manager and planning manager for Gruppo Bull, marketing and sales manager and general manager for Compuprint, and strategy and business development vice-president for CPG International. Since 2008 he has been collaborating with successful consulting groups such as Council and CSE-Crescendo, supervising consulting projects and direct-management projects.

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