Cse Crescendo presents “ Walking around Science: from the change management to the government of the autonomous evolution”.

Milan, October 2012- April 2013 CSE Crescendo presents a series of workshops towards a more complex knowledge. This is a new project of Long Life Education.
CSE Crescendo developed this series of workshops to start a desired, although never began, route.

Everybody has in mind to develop this route because by now it is clear that the change management  is losing its meaning. Consequently this change management approach becomes inappropriate after decades of failed attempts.

So time is ripe to move on from the management to the government of the business organization. This organization seems something motionless, as a “parked” car, instead it has an autonomous life.

Whatever happens, this organization always develops. But, when the top tries to manage this organization, it often evolves towards undesired directions.

Nevertheless our desire remains unrealized because the organization is not able to take a direction. This is the reason why our desire has not come true yet. What we can do? Where we can find tools, languages and methods to realize this change?

We realized a series of workshops to answer these questions. These workshops will take place monthly from October to April 2013. We chose Science as the starting point. The first workshop is entitled “ Un panorama finalizzato delle scienze naturali” (A view over natural science) it takes place on 11th of October at 5 o’clock p.m. at CSE Crescendo headquarter, Via Aurispa 7 Milan.

The speaker will be Dr Francesco Zanotti, senior partner of CSE Crescendo.

The workshop purpose is not spreading the current scientific discoveries over organization in order to find magic or manipulated formula. But this workshop is aiming at describing  Science as “Muse”, which gives us new ways to see organization, so different cognitive schemes to finally find a completely new point of view.

Please, to confirm your attendance write to l.cerrone@CSE Crescendo.com or contact  +39245479800

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